Who the heck is P. A. Parsons? Well, I wore a couple of hats in my younger years—IT, bouncer, museum attendant, wildly unsuccessful actor—before deciding that I wanted to turn my gaming hobby into my career. That sent me on a 15+ year career as a game designer and writer in Vancouver and Seattle where I worked on titles like Turok, Project Spark, the VR stealth game Protocol Zero, and a long stint on Halo spent making Halo Waypoint, Halo 4 & 5, and even bringing Halo Forge to PC. Then there’s all the stuff I can’t talk about that never saw the light of day, some of which was really cool, but… eh. That’s games for you.

Then, in 2016, I followed my wife to Southern California when she got a faculty position at a university and we ended up in a place with no local games industry. I had started writing my own stuff outside of games a number of years prior to that, so when faced with a need to repoint my career I thought, “Hey! Now’s a great time to do that book!” Since then I’ve been working as a writer for a number of different game properties, as well as writing my own novels. The Legends of Arenia series represents the first of my books that I’m actually putting out into the world, and there’s lots more to come. Hope you like them!

– Paul